• Industrialiasation of ideas
• Manufacturing
• Tooling
• Prototyping
• Design & Engineering
• Entrepreneurial investments

Design & Engineering

Since 1999, STP Group has participated in a numerous of development projects, from idea and sketches to full industrialization with production tools, serial production, assembly lines, packaging and distribution. Product design means both shape and function, but also involves full detailed engineering.


If our customer provide for production themselves, we make the production tool itself. We then arrange for shipping of the tool to the customer’s production facilities.

Entrepreneurial investments

STP Group can contribute both capital and entrepreneurial expertise in technology companies. Since 1999, we have assisted entrepreneurs with advice on company launches, financing and realization of product ideas. For further information please visit STP Invest.


Product development often requires prototyping for testing before investing in full scale production tools. In our workshops and test labs we implement R&D and lead the product into full scale industrialization by using correct prototype techniques and materials. For more information about prototyping please visit protolab.no/en


STP Group performs industrial production for a variety of industries and different product categories. Manufacturing includes complete product deliveries or part-deliveries in metal, plastic and electronics production including assembly, packaging and world-wide distribution. STP offers both small and large-scale production for our customers.

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